Monday, October 3, 2016

Pressure Cooker Shredded Taco Chicken

This may look a little plain on the outside, but when you take a bite....WOW! Get ready for a flavor explosion! My new kitchen toy has not made it off the counter yet. I'm still in love with my pressure cooker and can't wait to keep trying new recipes out. I had a great "lesson learned" moment when I was fixing the chicken. There is a valve that you pop out and clean and pop back in. I must have not had it seated 100% properly as there was a little steam the point it didn't ruin the chicken but the bottom of the pan was not a pretty sight. There was no water left in the pan at all when I raised the lid! I've gotten so comfortable cooking with this I walked off and didn't check it. Lesson of the day: If this happens to you, baking soda (left to soak) and a wooden kitchen utensil will remove the cooked on mess from a non stick surface without ruining it. In spite of a brief moment of drama, the chicken tasted absolutely delicious!