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If you have followed Man, That Stuff is Good long enough, you know my baking skills are a little on the limited side. That doesn't mean I don't like a little something sweet every once in a while. Among my favorites are any dessert with lemon, citrus, strawberry or chocolate in them. Here are the links to all of the dessert recipes you'll find on Man, That Stuff is Good!

Almond Chocolate Mousse  

Easiest Banana Pudding Ever
Faux Banana Split


  1. Christine JessenMarch 6, 2012 at 7:10 PM

    Oh Boy Denise the Snicker Cheesecake Squares, de-lish!!! This recipe is so easy and quick, I made two of them this weekend. One with original oreos and the other with vanilla oreos,what a hit. Thank you for sharing.


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