Man, That Stuff is Good!
If all goes wrong with the world, I know Andy and I will find a way to survive and not go hungry. I had someone question my making Redbud jelly from the flowers of the Redbud tree. I made it not because I had to, but because I wanted to make sure I could. It saddens me when I see fruit trees loaded down with fruit and going to waste. We always share the fruits and vegetables we don't use with others. Here is a quick index of the posts of the recipes for canning and posts about gardening.

Apple Jelly made with Peelings and Cores 
Apple Pear Butter 
Bread and Butter Pickles with Peppers 
Canned Apples  
Canning Green Beans
Canning Roma Tomatoes 
Canning Season is Here!
Cherry Jam 
Cherry Jelly, Home Made 


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