Healthier Options

Man, That Stuff is Good!
Define Healthy. One man's low carb is another man's high fat or high in cholesterol. I define healthy as anything that is low in sugar and starches and is high in nutritional value. We may disagree on what is deemed "healthy" but we can agree that the items in the Man, That Stuff is Good! Healthier Options recipe index below taste good. Everything in moderation is my motto and READ THE LABEL! When Andy's doctor recommended he monitor his blood sugar for 90 days, I broke out Momma's "Medtronic Calorie, Fat and Carbohydrate Counter" book. Portion sizes are important and we keep up with the foods that can cause a spike and avoid them. Andy and I are still eating well (not dieting) and we're both losing weight and his blood sugar has been great. We are severely cutting back on sugar and starches (potatoes and pastas) and red meats. We don't go overboard on any food groups. Consult your doctor for the best advice for your optimal health.

Be sure to read about how well we have done with Andy's 90-day follow-up in the Easy, Low Carb Broccoli Salad recipe link!


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