Monday, January 23, 2017

Muffaletta Pasta Salad

The other night I fixed Classic Greek Chicken and wanted a cool pasta salad to go with it. Greek, in my opinion means olives must be in the mix. Muffaletta comes from the olive salad you find slathered on a yummy New Orleans classic muffaletta sandwich. I dug around the pantry and threw this together. The next time I fix this, you will see hard salami and deli bologna chopped up. This one is a work in progress as I'm thinking Feta cheese crumbles would have been awesome too.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Pressure Cooker 🍝 Meatballs and Pasta 🍝

Have you heard me mention a few times how much I love, love, love my pressure cooker? Seriously, I can't wait to test a few more dishes and post them for you. There is nothing like coming home, dumping a few ingredients in a pot, taking 10-15 minutes for the pot to get to the correct pressure and having this dish cooked in 8 minutes. Yes, with frozen meatballs and uncooked pasta. And delicious? Flavor infused is no exaggeration. Pressure cooker pulled chicken on hoecakes and shredded taco chicken wrapped up in a tortilla are super quick and very, very tasty using this device. Should I mention cooking two whole partially frozen chickens in around 38 minutes with the meat falling off the bone again? I'm not one to buy every gadget out there (I just don't have the space nor like to spend the money) but this one was worth every penny.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Hamburger Soup aka Vegetable Beef Soup

Mr. Grisham reeled me in with this soup YEARS ago. When he uses my homegrown, canned tomatoes to make it, there's nothing better. It falls into the "hurt yourself from eating so much" category. In my opinion, this doesn't need anything else but eating, but Andy likes to make peanut butter or homemade pimiento cheese sandwiches to eat with it. At times I will bake up some cornbread, but the flavor is so rich I don't want anything taking away from the flavor.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Chicken, Mushroom and Artichoke Casserole

It's hard to believe five years has passed since I started the "Man, That Stuff is Good!" blog. When I scroll through the folders on my computer, I'm even more overwhelmed by how many recipes I haven't gotten around to posting. To say I've been in a transistional state for the past four years has been an understatement. It seems I woke up one day and my zing, energy, gusto, etc. flew out the door. In hindsight I realize how excessive stress can and will destroy your health. Add to that, as my husband tells me, "you do too much for everyone." He has accused me of putting other peoples needs (personal and work) in front of my own and worrying about the consequences of other's peoples actions and trying to fix it for them. Guilty as charged. I've been working on changing that to a positive. It's hard to say No when you are a people pleaser at heart. The last six months I quit doing so much for people who did so little for me. All I can say is I'm sorry I didn't do it sooner.

Friday, January 6, 2017


It's hard to believe five years has "rolled" by. Man, That Stuff is Good has been a great online recipe book for Andy and myself. My hope is that you are able to use it the same way. With over 500 posts and counting, there is no reason to be stuck deciding what to fix for dinner.

Monday, January 2, 2017

🐸 Bullfrog 🐸 Cocktails

I don't know about y'all, but there is something about near 70 degree weather on the second day of the new year that gets me thinking about summer. Once I get to thinking about summer or warm weather, I start thinking about the river. Now that I'm on that path, I think about enjoying an ice cold toddy on the dock watching the boats go by. The drink I'm going to talk about earned my son Dale the nickname "Cricket". Someone (not me, or was it?) got the bright idea to mix up some Bullfrog since everyone was coming down for the weekend and nobody would be driving home. We enjoyed brutal rounds of UNO, lots of laughing and cutting up and numerous bottles of Bullfrog as the sun started to set. About once a year someone asks me how to mix them up. Every year I swear it's on the blog and it isn't. Now it is. This one is about as easy as it gets and cheap.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

🎊 Happy New Year 2017! 🎉

Here's the key to a successful year! Happy New Year!! May everything you wish for come your way.
Andy and I wish all of you the best in 2017!
This post will help you remember why we eat each of a traditional Southern New Year's Dinner.
2017 I have hog jowl, collard greens, (instead of turnip greens), black eyed peas and cornbread (instead of hoe cakes) on the menu.


If you live in the South, you know come New Year's Day you better have a pot of black-eyed peas, hog jowl, turnip greens or cabbage and corn bread. Otherwise, you are staring the new year down and asking for bad luck, no blessings and a lack of money to come your way. The hog jowl comes from the cheek of the pig. It's pretty fatty and the rind is tough as nails. I personally cut that off, but Andy leaves it on when he's fixing it. The taste is very similar to bacon, but just short of as good.