Saturday, March 3, 2012

French Toast

If I want to make my sweetie happy, making him French toast with sausage or bacon on the side for breakfast will do it. Plus, it's the perfect way to get rid of that loaf of bread hanging around that's lost a little of its pizazz. Fresh bread will tear way too easily. We don't have a preference, but we typically use whole wheat, Texas toast or Italian bread. The secret to making really good French toast is be sure your skillet is hot enough to give each side a nicely browned color; but not so hot it burns.

  • 6 pieces lightly stale bread
  • 6 eggs
  • Milk 
  • Butter
(Serves: two pieces of french toast for three people)

In a medium bowl, crack eggs and mix in up to a 1/4 cup milk or cream. Scramble well.

Heat skillet to medium. Place a tab or two of butter in skillet. (It should sizzle when it hits the skillet) With a wooden spoon, quickly spread it around. (You can use cooking spray instead of butter, but the butter adds to the taste).

Coat piece of bread by dunking in egg mixture. Drop into skillet. Depending on how hot your skillet is determines how quickly you need to turn it. Carefully lift one corner to check color. If it doesn't have a little brownish color to it, it's not ready to flip. Cook second side until done too. Check the sides and be sure the egg there cooks. If it's still runny, use your tongs and stand it on the edge to finish it.

Top with syrup, jelly or fresh fruit.

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