Sunday, April 1, 2012

Fried Bologna and Whomp Biscuits

After the crazy hail storms, rain, high winds and threats of a tornado in the southern part of the county yesterday, we will be heading to North Alabama to check for damage at our river place. I've been envisioning the brand new replacement canopy we installed last weekend, in anticipation of staying at the river Good Friday weekend, in shreds.

On mornings like this, you've got to have a few quick breakfast ideas up your sleeve. I always keep a can of Jumbo "Whomp" buttermilk biscuits in the fridge for emergencies like this. Friday, I picked up a couple pounds of 1/4 inch thick sliced German bologna. 

Voila! Within15 minutes or so, breakfast is served and we can hit the road. Andy whipped up some quick scrambled eggs in one of our favorite bowls that are the same size as the whomp biscuits. What is a whomp biscuit? It's the can of store biscuits you have to "whomp" against the counter to break the seal!

If you prefer a fried bologna sandwich, make four little slits about 3/4"-1" long so the bologna will cook evenly. Otherwise it'll bow up like a Halloween cat!

For fried bologna biscuits, cut each slice into quarters. I figure 1/2 slice bologna per biscuit.

Pour about 2 tbsp. oil in a medium high skillet. (Barely cover the bottom of a skillet. Once the bologna gets a little color to it, turn it. (Notice how it curls up as it heats up.)

Turn bologna several times until you get a nice color to it. 

Set on a plate lined with paper towels to drain. 

Layer two quarters with scrambled eggs on biscuit.

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