Saturday, April 14, 2012

Open Faced Turkey Sandwiches From Leftovers

Momma called the other night and said she had leftover turkey and wanted open faced turkey sandwiches for dinner Wednesday night. I was all for it! Growing up, one of my fondest food memories was eating these sandwiches after every major holiday. Me and Dad were the dark meat eaters, so we always had plenty to choose from. I didn't know if Andy or Blair had ever eaten them, but I knew they were in for a treat. Momma had the turkey meat separated for both her and Blair: white meat and me and Andy: dark meat. Oh, yes! We would all be happy! 

First you have to fix your gravy if you don't have any left over from the major holiday you just experienced. Click here for a quick and easy recipe for Momma's Turkey Gravy.

Next you warm up the meat you're going to use in the microwave.

Then you toast two slices of bread. We are wheat bread eaters, but you can use whatever you like. Momma likes to butter one side of her toast before she builds her sandwich. I typically skip that step. 

Now it's time to build your sandwiches! Lay the toast on a plate and arrange the meat on top. I recommend cutting the meat into bite sized pieces, but I have always eaten this with a knife and fork for some reason.

Smother in gravy. 

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