Sunday, April 1, 2012

Smoked Country Style Ribs

Oh yea! Tonight's dinner...Man, That Stuff Was Good!
Andy fired up the Bubba Keg and smoked a pack of country style pork ribs and beef ribs.

The Bubba Keg was heated to 250 degrees.

He placed the beef ribs on the lower rack.

All the ribs were rubbed down with McCormick's Applewood Rub.
The pork ribs were placed on the top rack.

Andy let the Keg get heated back up to 275 degrees and adjusted the air so that it held
275 degrees for one and a half hours.

Lookin' good!! 

With his "top secret" BBQ sauce, Andy covered one side of half the
pork ribs and completely closed off all air.

After 15 minutes, he turned all the ribs and covered the other side of the ribs with the sauce.

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