Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Grisham Garden Part 2

Here's an update on the state of the garden. First of all, the rain has done wonders for our plants! It looked like they all jumped overnight. Now if we can keep the bunny rabbits and deer out of it, we'll be doing good. Andy never had a problem with deer in his garden until he moved to town. I'm sure the deer that wiped out our okra were like the people who come to the house and eat. You know they're thinking...Man, That Stuff is Good!

We have been enjoying fixing salads several nights a week. You just can't beat fresh!! We finally have a few onions and radishes big enough to pull. The cherry tomatoes are starting to bloom so hopefully it won't be too long!


Spaghetti squash, cantelope, watermelon

Squash, zucchini, cucumbers


Green Beans

3 varieties of tomatoes

Sweet potatoes (came back from the freeze!), rutabagas, spinach, 2 varieties of lettuce

Beets, onions

Red potatoes

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