Sunday, May 13, 2012

Jug Fishing with Andy and Denise Part 1

Last weekend, we were watching the sun start to set from our rocking chairs on the landing and noticed a couple of men jug fishing for catfish in the channel. Well you know we were sick we had left all the jugs back on the pontoon boat in Pulaski.
At that point, I knew we'd be back next weekend. By Thursday, the weather men were calling for rain all weekend, enough for flooding at home, but Athens was looking pretty good. So we took off bright and early Saturday morning to the river for a day of jug fishing. OK. I know this is a little on the redneck side, but I have a blast every time we do this. Plus, we eat pretty darn good!

The first catfish we caught wasn't very big, but it sure was fun when it got on the line and tried to take off with the jug. 

Here's video one with Andy rebaiting the hook and ready to catch some more fish. You can't hardly hear half of what he says, but we were fishing with nightcrawlers 10 feet deep.

Half gallon milk jugs, heavy duty line and hooks that are guaranteed to hang
on to whatever you catch were the perfect combination.

We were fishing with eight jugs. When they start biting, eight will keep you
busy especially if it's windy, like it was Saturday.  

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