Friday, June 8, 2012

BBQ Bologna

Mmmm, mmmmm! Nothing says redneck get-together like barbecued bologna!! Andy grilled this right in the middle of fixing barbecued chicken leg quarters and pork loin chops for Memorial Day. He was going to fix two and chose not to as he didn't know how well it would go over. If he had, that one would have been gone just as fast as the first. You would have thought we had filet mignon the way everyone was acting! 
The prep on a grill is a little different than when he slow cooks a huge chunk on the pit. I'll be sure to include the directions for that the next time he fixes it. We've already got neighbors wanting to reserve a spot on the pit the next time he cooks all night, so it won't be too long.

Take a 12 oz. stick (or more) of Bryan bologna and put it on the grill. 
(It's the only brand he'll use. Don't ask me why. This is a man who will eat chittlins' and souse, so I can't imagine why he wants to be picky about bologna.)

Check it frequently and turn it every so often until it gets a nice color on the outside.
Move it to the top rack, if necessary, while the rest of your meats cook.

When it's time to start putting barbecue sauce on your other meats, brush it the bologna. Let it cook for 5-10 minutes, turn and coat until all sides have had sauce added. Serve in 1/2" slices.

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