Saturday, June 16, 2012

Fried Squash

Every year my heart just sings when we finally get to start picking fresh squash from the garden. I just cannot get my fill of it! I know you can buy it all year long, but for some reason, I only fry it fresh from the garden. When the plants start to bloom, Andy will plant a few more hills so it will start producing when the first batch plays out. When it comes to fried squash, the smaller the better. 

Wash and cut squash pieces into 1/4"-3/8" slices. Drop into a zipper bag. Add enough corn meal to coat the squash. Season it with salt, about 1 tsp. (More or less to suit your taste.)
Preheat a large skillet with just enough oil (we use canola) to cover the bottom well. (Not over 1/8") Do not drop in the squash until it's hot enough that the oil sizzles when a test piece is placed in there.
Lay additional squash in the skillet in single layers! Do not overlap! After the first side turns a nice golden brown, carefully turn over and brown the second side. If you are cooking a big enough batch, you may need to add oil. Just add the least amount possible and let it come up to the right temperature before adding additional squash.
Move to a paper-towel lined platter to drain. Cook more than you think you will need. In our house, everyone starts picking the squash off the platter to "test" and you may not have enough to make it to the table. :-)

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