Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Grilled Squash and Zucchini, I

Now that the squash and zucchini plants are starting to produce like crazy, I'll be posting a variety of ways to fix them. Thursday, we picked the first batch for this year. We had several of each ready to pick (and more growing quite nicely) and some smoked sausage in the fridge. We figured, why not just grill them all? No pots and pans to clean. How easy is that?

Slice your squash long-ways. Andy told me one time his Mother called them garden fish. If you'll look at the piece of squash on the left, you can see where she got the name. Cut the zucchini on the diagonal around 1/2" thick.
In a zipper bag add a little olive oil and season to suit your taste. We love Lawry's coarse ground garlic with parsley. Let the veggies marinate while you are heating up the grill.

With the grill on high, sear the first side.

Turn and sear the second side. Move to the top rack.

The zucchini takes a little longer since it is cut thicker. 
Once both sides are seared and moved to the top rack, lower heat, cover and cook until you reach the desired texture. Check frequently. We like our vegetables to be a little on the crisp side. So we don't leave them on very long.

An nice flavor option, we use frequently, is to spray the veggies down right before they're turned with a seasoning sauce like Alabama Dixie Delight or Dale's.

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