Friday, June 29, 2012

Squash Fritters

Everyone I talk to is struggling to find a variety of ways to prepare the bounty of squash and zucchini being picked daily. Squash fritters are a great "bread" to be served with your meal. and could be prepared with either one.
Andy introduced me to these delightful treats years ago. Our Brady Bunch would devour a platter full in no time. When  he fixed them, he would use leftover stewed squash and onions instead of using freshly grated. Tracey and Sharon shared this nice variety a couple of weeks ago for me to try. Last "Momma dinner night" I whipped up a batch along side barbecued country style ribs, fried squash and okra and fresh sliced cucumbers from the garden. They turned out so well my Momma has asked me for the recipe twice this week already. Reckon I can get a swap on her Danish Kringler recipe?

With a box grater, grate 2 small pieces of squash and 1 small onion.
Mix in 1 cup cornmeal, one egg and enough buttermilk (regular works fine too) to make a batter that is fairly stiff. I literally add milk like I'm adding cream to coffee...a little at a time!  If it's too runny to form 2"-3" fritters, add a little more cornmeal.  Don't make them too big! They will puff up quite a bit.
Heat a large skillet up that has oil just covering the bottom. Once it's hot enough, I start forming the fritters and dropping them in one at a time. When you see the light brown ring forming at the bottom, it's time to turn them. When both sides are nicely browned, place on a paper-towel lined plate.

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