Saturday, July 7, 2012

Amanda's Awesome Grilled Burgers

I'm proud to feature a Guest Post from my daughter-in-law Amanda Cooper Inman. She is a fabulous cook!! These burgers were delicious and had a nice subtle kick to them! With spices like these, you won't find anything boring about these burgers! She has agreed to share the Mint Chocolate Ice Cream Cake (Dale's Birthday cake) and Mango Margaritas we sipped on too!

Hamburgers grilling for Dale's Birthday Celebration

When I cook any kind of meat, I usually just wing it with the seasonings. That’s exactly what I did Friday night for Dale’s birthday cookout with the hamburgers. I also never measure the spices I put in things. I guess it’s from all the time I’ve watched Rachael Ray “eyeball” ingredients! So, I will list my ingredients, but they are “eyeballed” amounts!

3 pounds hamburger meat
Garlic powder
Minced onion
Dale’s steak seasoning
Red pepper flakes (because I like things spicy!)
1 packet of dry ranch dressing
Shredded cheese-I used Colby and Monterey Jack
Small onion, chopped into small pieces

Just mix everything together until you think there’s enough and pat out hamburgers. I think we got about 9 burgers out of this but you can get more or less depending on the size you make them.
*Hint: If you'll poke your finger in the middle of the burger and make an indention, it'll keep it from drawing up when you cook them on the grill!

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