Saturday, September 15, 2012

Blue Ox Jerky

I recently won a Blue Ox Jerky sample pack through a promotion on FoodieBlogroll. All of their sales are on the web. If they sold it in the stores, it would go so quick they couldn't keep it on the shelf! If you're not the faint of heart and have a pretty good sense of humor, you've got to "like" and follow them on Facebook. 

Andy and I packed our sample packs up and headed for the river. What better snack when you're working out in the "wild"?  I would show you the close ups of the Chorizo Hunter Sausage, but we had that GONE in no time. After enjoying every single flavor, here's mine and Andy's favorite top two picks...
Number 1: Cherry Maple Smoked Beef (Awesome flavor!)
Number 2: Honey Barbecue Smoked Turkey (Perfect texture and taste!)
Number 1: Chorizo Hunter Sausage
Number 2: Teriyaki Hunter Sausage

They offer jerky made from: Buffalo, Turkey, Elk, Venison, Beef, and Pork.

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