Saturday, April 20, 2013

Mr. Johnson's Redbud Jelly

Every year my best friend Claudia Johnson and her Daddy Edward prepare dozens of jars of Redbud Jelly. When she shared the instructions, I asked her if I could share this with you as a guest post. There is a very brief window of opportunity to make this. You have to gather the blossoms during Redbud Winter. 

For all of you folks who don't know about the "winters" in the they are and the general time to expect them.
Redbud Winter—early April
Dogwood Winter—the end of April
Locust Tree Winter—on the heels of Dogwood Winter
Blackberry Winter—early to mid May
The weather highs were hovering at nearly 80 degrees this week and this weekend the high has plunged down to a difference of nearly 25 degrees. We are experiencing a cold snap and the Dogwoods are in bloom so I'm going to say it is most definitely Dogwood Winter.

Here are Claudia's instructions for making Redbud Jelly.
You have to do this before all the blossoms are off the trees.
 Pick the buds off redbud trees.
Rinse redbuds blooms thoroughly. 

Boil water and pour over the redbud blooms. 

 Weight down the blooms and a allow to set for 24 hours. Then drain all liquid off the buds and save the juice.

Gather the pectin, sugar and juice. 1 cup sugar and juice for every 1 cup of buds,
four cups per box of pectin.
Boil juice. pour in pectin and stir. 
(This is Mr. Johnson. He is the most talented, incredible Daddy of my best friend Claudia.)

At rolling boil that cannot be stirred down add premeasured sugar. add 1 tbsp. lemon juice and 1/2 tsp. butter or margarine. Boil until rolling, continuing to stir. 

Have jars clean and ready, lids boiled and ready.
Set mixture off heat for 2 minutes. Place in jars and seal.

Hot water bath for 5 minutes and let set for 24 hours.

This stuff is wonderful.

Eat on homemade biscuits. No, you cannot have my Daddy. I know you want him for his biscuits and jelly. 
This is me and my BFF and guest blogger Claudia Johnson. 
I have always loved this picture of the two of us. It was taken at one of the Christmas Parties we hosted annually for our friends for several years. Every Thursday before Christmas we would prepare tons of food and invite a mix of people that always made for an interesting evening. 

Thanks for sharing this recipe.


  1. Here are Claudia's instructions for making Redbud Jelly.You have to do this before all the blossoms are off the trees. trees for sale

  2. Wonderful recipe. You can grate a tsp of fresh nutmeg in it,too. Makes a great gift.