Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Wildlife on the Elk River Spring 2013

 River time is our favorite time. We love watching the wildlife and we were not disappointed this Spring! Andy and I hope, Lord willing, to spend many years together enjoying sunsets from our rocking chairs on the landing half-way down to the dock.

 One of three baby foxes rambling through the woods. The mother fox is beautiful, but she is camera shy.

 It has taken us 10 years to finally see an eagle. I was so excited to capture this one feeding early one morning.

 This yellow beauty, a Prothonotary Warbler is one our favorites. They fly all around the dock and are quite nosy. It's not unusual to see one hovering and checking out they activity on the dock.

 The ducks made a noisy entrance from their winter home.

 The Blue Herons put on a show in the slew. They are quite agile fishers.


 This male Wood Duck stands guard while the female nests. It's amazing to watch them fly into the duck houses Andy built a few years ago

 I never tire watching the Mallard ducks.

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