Sunday, August 11, 2013

How to Cook A Goat For A Goat Stew

Before we get to enjoy Andy's traditional 4th of July Goat Hash for breakfast and Goat Stew, that goat's got to get bought and cooked.We figured up the cost of the 50 lb. baby goat when I got ready to write this: $75.00 and an extra $20.00 to get it cleaned. I told Andy we could have served up some fancy steaks for the same money. Truly, I wouldn't miss it now as it is a family tradition. Once we get the goat meat back, it gets iced down in a cooler until it's ready to use. That thing isn't going to be resting in my refrigerator! A girl's gotta draw the line somewhere.
In a very large cooking pot, place the goat pieces in, cover up with water and fire up the burner. Once the water comes to a nice, rolling boil, adjust the temperature so that it continues cooking this way and doesn't boil over.
 With a long-handled stainless spoon, periodically remove the fat as it boils up.
Once the fat is removed, add salt and pepper. Let it cook this way until the meat is coming off the bone. It took five and a half hours to cook this goat. Let it cool a little and move the meat chunks to a heavy duty aluminum pan, pull the meat off the bone and remove all fat pieces* and other "extras" to use in a goat stew or any other dish you want.

*Andy, who eats chittlins', is extremely picky when he is going through the meat. It is nothing but pure meat when he's done.

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