Sunday, August 11, 2013

Smoking Boston Butt on Backyard Pit

Oh yes! There is nothing quite as fun and worthwhile as smoking meat on the pit Andy built in the back yard a few years ago. For a full view of the pit prep and smoking additional meats, visit our July 4th Celebration page.

I have these same directions on that page, but I've broken the steps out for easier reference as that link includes info about ribs, chicken, goat and more. We smoked two 7 lb. butts. One of the butts was sliced and the other was chopped to make sandwiches with. We used some of the left over chopped meat to make delicious BBQ stuffed baked sweet potatoes the next day.

The meat prep is exactly the same as what we do when we smoke Boston butt on the Bubba keg. Follow this link for prep and rub recommendations.

The butts were put on at 7AM. The temperature stayed between 225-250 degrees all day long.
 Lookin' good...but not quite done! Andy sprayed the butts down with apple juice several times during the cooking process.
 It was all good! Internal temperature got up to 165 and the butts were ready to pull from the pit.

  Nine hours later, we pulled the pork, let it rest for about 30 minutes or so and started slicing and chopping.

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