Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Flowers Enjoyed the Spring Rains of 2014

I have never claimed to have a green thumb. That attribute belongs to Andy. He can grow just about anything. If he'll grow it, I'll pick it, can it and cook it. When it comes to flowers, well I just say a little prayer for them on the way home from Home Depot. They pretty much hang in there from May to June but when July rolls around and the heat is just awful, forget about it. It's like one day I walk by and I'm like, Ohhh, now how many days has it been since I watered? When my little helper comes to visit, it's all good. Kids + water = fun and pretty flowers. So, since it's a rare occasion for me to have so many pretty blooming flowers this late, I just had to share them.
After a busy afternoon helping Big Poppa planting beans in the garden, Emilee Rae helps me
dead head some of the flowers. As a bonus, she LOVES watering the flowers and remembers to do it without me asking...which is a good thing.
 I only had one Peony, but it was beautiful! The rain knocked it down, so in it came.
 I love my lilies. This year the orange is gorgeous!
Maybe it's a good sign for our Tennessee Volunteers football team this fall? We can hope!
 These are one of the ferns that keep coming back every year.
 The butterfly bush is getting ready to be in full bloom!
 One of my favorite flowers is a Dianthus.
I prefer the silvery green foliage variety, but these are usually pretty hardy.
 I especially love this "succulent." They grow among my chicks and hens and don't require a lot of attention.
 And who doesn't love a basket full of Petunias?
 The magnolia tree is as heavenly as always.
 The honey bees have found plenty of reasons to buzz around.
 Vinca. I love it so much  have several colors.

Last but not least, you've got to have some marigolds.

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