Thursday, July 10, 2014

Pork Dumplings

Saturday I baked a Boston butt while we were out fishing. I'm talking low and slow...all day long. When we returned to the cabin, I had a deep aluminum pan full of glorious broth, which I poured up and saved. We  had quite a bit of the shredded pork left over so we knew pork dumplings would be on the menu one night this week. There are no specific quantities to add, it just depends on the broth quantity.
Put your broth in a large pot and slowly bring it to a boil. While it's heating up, prepare your dumplings. For quick and easy, just use flour tortillas and cut them into the size dumplings you want. We used 6 of the large ones.
Once the broth is rolling, drop in tortilla strips a few at a time. Carefully stir them around so they don't stick. Once all the strips are in the pot, turn the heat down to medium. Carefully stir in the amount of meat you want. Let it simmer for at least 30 minutes or so and the dumplings will plump up nicely. Taste the broth to determine if you need additional seasoning. This pot didn't as the broth was pretty rich already. If you aren't satisfied with the broth, mix a little corn starch with some cold water to thicken it up.

Andy grilled some garlic bread and it was perfect. Typically we will fix some hoe cakes, but this was a nice change.

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