Saturday, October 18, 2014

Fried SPAM Sandwiches

Hands up if you have ever enjoyed a fried SPAM sandwich! Now, don't be thinking this is a 100% Southern delicacy. As child growing up in the 70s in Connecticut, I clearly remember my Mother frying up SPAM and making sandwiches for Saturday lunch.SPAM was introduced in 1937, so somebody is still eating this stuff if it has accrued an over 75-year history. Since I do have a "Redneck Food 'n Fun" link on this blog, I feel obligated to throw out a little something on the Redneck side from time to time. Please be sure to notice the upgrade to toasted wheat bread and the fancy pickle stackers...the sandwiches from my youth were strictly white bread and the little round dill chips. And to think 51 years later I survived and can tell you about it.

One night Andy and I were talking about fried SPAM and shared our memories of eating it as kids. We wondered if you could even buy it anymore. We discussed the little key that you used to roll the metal top away to reveal that not quite ham looking blob of meat. Now, if I get to thinking really, really hard about what something is made of, I just can't get over it and eat it again. So, we tried to dodge that conversation. As naturally curious as I am, I even made myself not look at the ingredients. There are some things that should be left a secret.

A week later I was shopping and saw the familiar blue can with the bright yellow letters (and a safety pull tab lid because people just have no sense anymore). Lo and behold, there were so many varieties I was blown away. I snatched two cans off the shelf and put them away in the pantry for future use. Well, that day arrived and here you go. My opinion...a little too salty but a serious blast from the past!

 Half the fun is getting the can opened and figuring out how to remove the SPAM.
If they feature this on "How It's Made," I believe I'll have to pass.
 Like any canned "ham" product, it's coated with a gelatinous substance, so be sure to rinse that off.
Slice into 1/4" - 3/8" slices.
 Cover the bottom of a skillet with a small amount of oil and carefully fry both sides until the
SPAM has a nicely browned color.
Drain the fried SPAM on a paper towel lined plate.

Toast two slices of bread
Squirt yellow mustard on both sides
Layer a few dill pickles (lay on paper towel to absorb extra pickle juice)
Top with two slices of SPAM

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