Monday, November 3, 2014

Andy's Homemade Breakfast Sausage

We are still in the testing phase of making our own homemade breakfast sausage. The taste has always been good, it's perfecting the texture and fat/meat ratio that we are still working on. Our first go-around, the grinding blade was too big and the meat was coarser and a little tough. We still have a little tweaking to go, but overall, we are pretty pleased with this batch. Our conclusion is we need to mix in a little more fat the next time. The sausage patties are so lean you almost have to add a little extra oil when cooking. We are using a Chard #12 500 watt Heavy Duty Meat Grinder and it does an excellent job.We tried our hand at stuffing Italian sausage links. I'm not ready to go into all of that as we did good; but have to experiment some more.
Andy deboned five Boston Butts.
He then cut the chunks of pork into smaller, chunks that would fit in the meat grinder chute easily.

Grind, grind, grind.
We ended up with a total of 52 lbs. of sausage. We mixed up 31 lbs. of Fiesta, 9 lbs. of Old Plantation and another 11 lbs. of Italian sausage (using The Spice House's Italian Sausage Seasoning). 
There are two sausage seasoning flavors we both like. The first being Fiesta's Extra Fancy Pan Sausage Seasoning.We mixed two tablespoons per pound of pork and it's perfect.
Legg's Old Plantation has a different flavor, but it's equally as good. A little of this goes a long way. All it takes is two teaspoons per pound.
In 1 lb. portions, add half the required seasonings and mix well.
Mix in the second half of the spices. Blend well.
For casseroles and meatballs, we weighed and formed 1 lb rolls and vacuumed sealed them. Andy also patted out hundreds of sausage patties. Line a freezer safe container with waxed paper, layer the patties and let freeze overnight. The next day they will be ready to vacuum seal.

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