Sunday, July 12, 2015

Bacon, Lettuce and Fried Green Tomato Sandwiches

What can you fix while you're waiting for your home grown tomatoes to turn red? A bacon, lettuce and fried green tomato sandwich! This is easy to fix and almost as good as a vine-ripe tomato BLT. Just follow the recipe to fry your tomatoes here. (Should be the next post) To crank up the flavor, fry your tomatoes in the just cooked bacon grease. Pour off all grease into a glass bowl. Pour back enough grease to cover the bottom of the skillet. Add a little grease in as needed. Yes, these are probably a little sinful but we did use 5 carb per slice bread.

Fry bacon, drain on paper towel. (I use two thick slices cut in half per sandwich)
Fry green tomatoes (Recipe 1 here; recipe 2 here)
Toast bread
Cover bread with a light layer of Hellman's mayonnaise
Layer four slices of bacon, 1 large or two medium fried green tomatoes and crisp lettuce.

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