Sunday, July 26, 2015

"Faux" Banana Split

One of our favorite once-in-a-blue-moon treats was to go to the local Sonic for a decadent banana split. Looking in my little fact book, we're talking 82 carbs! My favorite shakes are even higher! Yikes! My "Faux Banana Split" which yields a total of 32 carbs, is very delicious and satisfying. I'm sure some of you hard-core low carb counting folks out there are cringing. 32 carbs in a dessert? I look at it as I've reduced 50 of the carbs and I'm adding real fruit to my diet every chance I can. In addition, I've eaten a healthy piece of grilled chicken and either a salad or steamed vegetables as opposed to a rich casserole filled with pasta or rice and bread on the side.

Before you think I've gone off the deep end with desserts...I have never been a big dessert eater to begin with. Andy, on the other hand, has got to have a bite of something sweet. You know from following me, the dessert recipes are few and far between. Denying yourself something sweet, in moderation, is not living. We are working hard to find a sustainable balance.

In our dining room we have a trifle dish. My Momma would replenish that bowl every few weeks on her weekly Wednesday night visits with a bag of Hershey's Miniatures (5 pcs at 25 carbs). No matter how many times we fussed, she still brought it. Let's just say it would disappear pretty quickly. (I fess up to enjoying the dark chocolate)

I felt miserable eating them and there was absolutely no nutritional value in what I was eating. We have really laid down the law. Momma knows to not bring the chocolate over any more and she loves the desserts I have for her on Wednesday night.

1 small banana
2 servings of Sugar Free Banana Cream Pudding (1/2 cup each)
Sugar Free Chocolate Sauce (Find recipe here)
Blueberries (1/2 cup)
Real cream canned whipped cream

 Slice banana and split between the two dishes.
 Top banana slices with pudding
 Top pudding with blueberries.
Drizzle chocolate sauce and top with whipped cream.

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