Sunday, March 20, 2016

Orange Sherbet Mimosas

One of my favorite "girlfriend" or brunch drinks is a Mimosa. The things I don't like about them are: I never get enough opportunities to fix them and when I do I get heartburn from the orange juice.

Right before Thanksgiving, I was thinking about the different kinds of punch I could mix up when I came across a picture that caught my eye on the Sassy N Simple Facebook page. It was a picture of pretty wineglasses each filled with a big scoop of orange sherbet and sparkling champagne being poured on of the top of the orange ball of yummy.

At the same time I found an apple cider mimosa recipe. So a discussion came up amongst myself and a few friends and we decided to taste test the orange sherbet version. I didn't have champagne, but I did have a bottle of Proseco and Asti to lend to the experiment. Since this was a test, we didn't break out the fancy wine glasses, but opted for some styro cups to help the sherbet stay nice and chilled.

SUCCESS! No heartburn and the flavor was quite divine. Girls, summer is just around the corner! Here is a beverage you can enjoy in the heat of the day whether you're at a picnic, waterside or just hanging out on the deck.

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