Monday, May 9, 2016

Happy Mother's Day 2016

Were you able to spend time with your Mother yesterday? I had a nice visit with my Mom and all my kiddos either sent flowers, called or texted me a Happy Mother's Day yesterday. I found myself really enjoying seeing the hundreds of pictures posted of friends and their Moms or their kids on social media. With all of us leading such hectic lives, it's nice to slow down and remember what is important. Special holidays always have me remembering current and past events, vacations, milestones, etc. and lead me to dig through the thousands of pictures I've taken. Every time I find myself running into the same situation. I can find lots of pics of family, friends, events, food, etc. but very few of me and my subject as I am the unofficial family photographer. I put the above collage together of me and my Mom, Marguerite as a keepsake. We had a lot of fun taking a few pictures yesterday. Every time my sister tried to take one; her dog Pumpkin or one of the cats, or should I say, their tail,  had to find a way to join in the picture.

I'm thankful to celebrate all I have in my life and grateful for all the memories I have of the loved ones I've lost.

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