Thursday, May 5, 2016

Knock You Naked Margaritas


This is in honor of my friend Claudia who has enjoyed this recipe at least a time or two.
I’m going to go ahead and give the grocery list for at least a double batch. If it’s only you drinking, I’d still mix up a double batch. This stuff freezes (slushy) quite nicely in a ziplock bag--which also serves double duty on your next outing. It’ll keep everything in the cooler chilled until you’re ready to drink!

In the past, when my friends and I would chill by the pool and swig margaritas until someone inevitably had to “take a quick siesta to recover until the next round”; I learned rather quickly to double up or I’d be doing nothing but mixing and listening to incoherent drunks.


  • What You Need from the Grocery and Liquor Store:
  •  2 big cans (12 oz) of frozen limeade
  • 2 bottles of Corona or Tequiza beer (yes, they do come in 6 packs)
  • 24 oz. Tequila (get the big bottle)
  • 24 oz. Diet Sundrop (get a 2 liter bottle)
  • Sliced up limes*
  • Lots of ice
  • Round slices are precious for a garden-party setting, and the quartered ones are for the rough and rowdy crowd. Also, any activity that requires the use of a knife should be done prior to the drinking.



  • 1
    12 oz. x 4 ingredients =48 oz.
  • 2
    An average pitcher will hold around 2 quarts (64 oz. or a 1/2 gallon)
  • 3
    I highly recommend using two pitchers. Mix up both at the same time--the first pitcher disappears quite quickly and one will be waiting in the fridge! (That’s okay, you can
    thank me later--when you’re numbly walking over to the fridge--and briefly have that, “Ahhhhhhh, now I know why I mixed up two of these” moments.)
  • 4
    Back to the pitcher dimensions. I know, you’re wondering about all that extra space.
    64 oz. minus 48 oz. No, don’t even go there. I wouldn’t attempt to squeeze a batch
    and a half in there. Save it for the ice! You want it nice and cold and there’s no
    need to worry about it melting and ruining the drink. The margaritas disappear
    quite quickly. I’ve learned to pace myself, but I’ve yet to have anyone listen to me the
    first time they drank these when I give them the warning: “Take it easy, these are
    quite lethal.”
  • So get ready to hear your friends whining the next day when they’re giving you
    their war stories. I literally remember one friend driving home at 3 in the afternoon
    after waking up from an alcohol-induced nap and calling me the next day to tell
    me she had zero recall after she went into my house for her “nap”. I won’t
    mention names, but has enjoyed these at least a time or two. I’ve seen
    these lay out grown men who didn’t heed the “pace yourself” warning.
  • 1
    Dump 1 can of limeade, 1 empty limeade can full of Diet Sundrop (You can use 7-Up if you don’t know what Sundrop is, bless your heart) 

    1 empty limeade can full of tequila 

    and 1 bottle of beer into a pitcher, 

    be generous with the ice and stir. 

    Add in limes.

  • 2
  • 3
    Enjoy! And, as always, don’t drink and drive!

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