Monday, June 6, 2016

Hummingbird Nectar

Last year Andy and I kept hearing a hummingbird hover over our heads while we were sitting on the deck at the river. I just so happened to look up and noticed this ball on a broken branch that was bigger than a golf ball, but smaller than a tennis ball. About that time, the hummingbird landed. Well, I just about lost my mind with joy! As many years as I have been feeding hummingbirds, I have never seen a nest. Over the fall and winter, the nest turned brown and started to dissolve away. I truly thought we had a once in a lifetime sighting.

 The branch is up too high for me to determine if this Momma Hummingbird is hatching two babies.
 Memorial Day weekend of this year, I heard the hummingbird again. I looked up and spotted a new nest in the same exact spot as last year!
The nest is a different size and shape, but the hummingbird has returned home. The nests are built from spider webs of all things and covered in lichen. Both items are plentiful in this area.
I placed a hummingbird feeder about 30 feet from the nesting area and get to enjoy visits between there and the nest. This is what I mix up and the hummingbirds seem to love it.

1 cup sugar
4 cups water

Heat sugar and water in a pan until sugar dissolves. Let cool completely. Fill up a clean feeder, sit back and enjoy

*Double if you have multiple feeders.

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