Tuesday, July 19, 2016

'Mater Sandwich

Now I know there will be a few disagreements with my version of making a Tomato ('Mater) Sandwich. That's fine, you are free to use light (white) bread and Miracle Whip and I'll keep on with what I like best. There was a time a fresh loaf of white bread, a homegrown tomato and a jar of Hellman's mayonnaise was the only way to make one, but I've sworn off white bread and switched to wheat decades ago. Now, using a store-bought---NOT HOMEGROWN--tomato. Please, just don't go there. The only time to eat a tomato sandwich is in the summer, around July. No garden? Go to the farmer's market and get one. There is a difference.

How much nutritional value is being subracted by removing the peel? Not sure, but if I'm making the sandwich, the peel is being removed. It takes a really sharp knife, to quote a family friend many years ago, to "skin one." Andy makes them with the peel left on and I will still eat them.
Peeled or unpeeled, this step must not be skipped. You don't want your bread getting all soggy! Slice the tomatoes and spread them out on a paper towel or two. Lightly salt the tomatoes and let them sit for a few minutes. This will draw out excessive water. They'll still be juicy, but you won't ruin your bread.
Slather each side of the bread with mayonnaise.
Pile up the tomatoes on one side. Add a little pepper and there you go!

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