Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Today's Rambling...Click Bait

I just have to rant on about something. Tell me, does this bother you too or is it just me?

You're scrolling through your favorite social media and you see an enticing article that has the most tempting headline or comment and it's all you can do to NOT CLICK THAT LINK. Your finger hovers over the mouse or your touch screen and you waver. You know it's coming. It's killing you because you're really, really dying to know how the ridges on your finger nails will determine if you will live to see another day; if your vocabulary score (or IQ) will exceed that of your best friend's with a simple little test; or best yet, how your choice of alcohol will tell you which continent your ancestors hailed from.

You don't want to, but there is a driving force that MAKES YOU DO IT!

As soon as that click drives you to another page, you see the dreaded 1/58 NEXT button.

No! No! No! My tablet is going to be balking and saying Aw, Heck No! That sucker will freeze up on page 42, if it makes it that far, and I will be stuck not learning all of life's mysteries, if I'm smarter than the average bear or which celebrity wore it best!!

Seriously now. Click bait drives me absolutely insane. When I format my posts, I make them so you can follow the whole post from start to finish without having to click to the next page. I will even put three posts on the home page so you can scroll through and decide for yourself if you like what I put out there. I spend a lot of time and effort writing, photographing, etc. for the simple love of sharing information. When I think of all the people who haven't been taught how to prepare the food basics, it just kills me. Keeping it simple for everyone is my motto. Plus it was a necessity. I simply got tired of typing up recipes over and over. Now I can just email my friends a link.

So why don't I use click bait? I figure at least half the people out there are like me and hate having to click, click, click to get the whole story. At the end of the day, I really, really hope you'll like what you see and come back often without feeling like you're being reeled in unwillingly. Better yet, feel free to share what you do like with your friends and family on your social media pages and help me grow.

The only thing I want to reel in unwillingly is a catfish...for supper.

As an added bonus, if you click the PRINT FRIENDLY button at the bottom of the post, you can delete the pictures and text blocks you don't need to simplify what you print...saving paper and ink!! How great is that?

That is all for today.

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