Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Are You Doing Your Part?

May I ask you a personal question: Do you recycle?

Okay, you most likely don't know me on a personal level. If you did, you would find me to be a common sense kind of person. I do my best to keep my personal opinions off this blog unless they deal directly with food because I respect all opinions even if I may not agree with them. However, here is one topic I want to ramble on about.

Years ago when my kids were babies, I recycled baby food jars and cans. With two boys a little over two years apart, it was unbelievable how much I was hauling off.

Then I got out of the habit. Understand I was living 16 miles from the nearest recycling center so it was kind of a pain. One had to make a conscious effort to stay on task. No excuse, I know.

Some time ago, I had to haul off my Momma's recycled plastic bottles. Our county has really stepped up their recycling efforts this past year. We now have three locations and they make it super easy to do the right thing. And, if you're like me and can't remember anything, they will give you a magnet so you'll know what days each location opens and what they take in addition.

It made me realize how crazy it was that I got out of the habit. We started with plastic bottles. (Don't get me started on my husband's opinion at first) We are now recycling styrofoam, cardboard, and cans in addition to the other odd items they will accept. Our location doesn't take glass, but the recycling center in Athens, AL does. Problem solved.

It is not hard to do at all. Just remember to keep it clean (otherwise it's trash!!!) and take off the bottle tops. It doesn't smell because you're putting clean stuff in the bag. Plus, you don't have to sort it!

I'm amazed at how little trash we now generate.

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