Sunday, December 18, 2016

Cream Cheese, 🍑 Jelly 🍑 and Bacon Spread

We recently had an author's event at the library. One of the trustees prepared the most delicious (and extremely easy) dishes for the guests to enjoy. When Thanksgiving rolled around, I knew my bunch would love it. The original dish called for pineapple preserves. I substituted with the homemade reduced sugar peach jam I made this past summer to make this just a tiny bit healthier. In my opinion, the pineapple was much better but we are still being mindful of our sugar intake, so there you go.

1 block cream cheese, softened
Pineapple preserves (or flavor of your choice)
4-6 slices of firmly cooked bacon crumbled/chopped
 Using plastic wrap, smoosh the cream cheese to spread out in the serving dish.
Top cream cheese with jelly.
Top jelly with bacon crumbles. Serve with crackers.

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