Monday, January 2, 2017

🐸 Bullfrog 🐸 Cocktails

I don't know about y'all, but there is something about near 70 degree weather on the second day of the new year that gets me thinking about summer. Once I get to thinking about summer or warm weather, I start thinking about the river. Now that I'm on that path, I think about enjoying an ice cold toddy on the dock watching the boats go by. The drink I'm going to talk about earned my son Dale the nickname "Cricket". Someone (not me, or was it?) got the bright idea to mix up some Bullfrog since everyone was coming down for the weekend and nobody would be driving home. We enjoyed brutal rounds of UNO, lots of laughing and cutting up and numerous bottles of Bullfrog as the sun started to set. About once a year someone asks me how to mix them up. Every year I swear it's on the blog and it isn't. Now it is. This one is about as easy as it gets and cheap.

I grew up drinking Kool-Aid as a kid. You got that or milk. I really don't remember drinking soft drinks until we moved to the South. I'm always surprised when summer rolls around, the flavor options at our WMart get pretty slim on the pickings. If you want to keep it green, like a frog, go with lemon-lime or the "invisible". Good luck finding that one. Kiwi-lime is good and so is strawberry-kiwi. There is such a thing as a Pink Red Eye Tree Frog, so there you go! However, after mixing a few two liters of the strawberry-kiwi, someone started chirping like a cricket.
2-liter bottle of Mountain Dew (or diet)
2 packs of lemon-lime Kool-Aid

Read the directions before you pour anything out!

Pour out enough Mountain Dew so that the bottle is full to the top of the label. Fill the bottle back up with vodka so it is again full as pictured. Add the two packs of Kool-Aid. Gently roll the bottle back and forth, side to side, to mix.

Remember, if you shake it up like you're mixing a martini, you'll be wearing it. Along with your floor, cabinets, etc. Carefully open it to serve.

Go ahead and mix a few bottles up as people tend to knock out the first one rather quickly.

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