Sunday, January 15, 2017

Pressure Cooker 🍝 Meatballs and Pasta 🍝

Have you heard me mention a few times how much I love, love, love my pressure cooker? Seriously, I can't wait to test a few more dishes and post them for you. There is nothing like coming home, dumping a few ingredients in a pot, taking 10-15 minutes for the pot to get to the correct pressure and having this dish cooked in 8 minutes. Yes, with frozen meatballs and uncooked pasta. And delicious? Flavor infused is no exaggeration. Pressure cooker pulled chicken on hoecakes and shredded taco chicken wrapped up in a tortilla are super quick and very, very tasty using this device. Should I mention cooking two whole partially frozen chickens in around 38 minutes with the meat falling off the bone again? I'm not one to buy every gadget out there (I just don't have the space nor like to spend the money) but this one was worth every penny.

This dish makes more than enough to feed a family. It's way too much for just two. Eventually I'll scale it back but I have enjoyed the leftovers at work!
Dump one bag (26 oz--1.5 lbs). of frozen Italian meatballs in the pressure cooker.
Dump 1 lb. of uncooked rigatoni pasta over the meatballs.
Pour one 45 oz. jar of your favorite Italian spaghetti sauce on top.
**Blob spoonfuls of Ricotta cheese on top--I didn't use it the first time I fixed this but have all times since.
Fill the jar with water and fill just up to the line in the pot.
Turn the lid into position to lock it.
Close the valve.
Push the cook button and set the timer to 8 minutes. The zeros on the left will turn as the pressure is building. Once it's at the correct pressure, it'll start counting down.
When it counts down to zero and beeps, bump the switch to release.
A lot of steam will be released so be super careful you do not get a steam burn!!
The cooker will automatically go  to KEEP WARM mode.
Once the steam is released, you will be able to move the lid to the unlock position. Carefully open the lid away from your face!! The contents will be hot and you don't want to burn yourself!
It smells heavenly!! Using a big spoon, stir the contents of the pot.
Top with some Mozzarella and shaved or shredded Pamesan cheeses. Put the lid back on and lock it.
Give it time to let the cheeses melt. Serve with garlic toast and dig in!! Remember this will be HOT!

1-1/2 lbs. frozen meatballs
1 lb. pasta
1 small container of Ricotta cheese (not shown in pictures, but use in all now)
45 oz. jar Italian spaghetti sauce
Mozarella cheese
Parmesan cheese
Garlic bread

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