Friday, April 6, 2012

Bacon Grease

The other night I fried up two pounds of bacon to make BLT Roll Ups to carry to our employee lunch. That amount of bacon will yield quite a bit of bacon grease.
I had one of my Corelle soup bowls standing ready on the top of the stove and large spoon to dip out the grease as the bacon was frying. Bacon just doesn't fry up as crisp if it's swimming in grease.
Be sure to let the bacon grease totally cool before you attempt to transfer it to a storage bowl. Keep it refrigerated!

I can just hear my cousins up North saying, "you guys, she has lost her mind!" No, I haven't. I don't put it in every single thing I fix. *wink, wink! However, if you are throwing together a quick meal and you don't have any seasoning meat to drop in, a tub of bacon grease in the fridge is a must!

It's a quick fix for: turnip greens, fried corn, green beans out of a can, seasoning eggs, pinto beans out of a can, quick milk gravy for when you want just biscuits and gravy or just anything else you want to add a little flavor too. I usually start with a heaping teaspoon and go from there. After it's cooked in with your food a little while, taste the broth to determine if it's seasoned enough.

Don't forget to mark your container. You don't want to surprise anyone digging in the fridge something legit to eat! 

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