Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Denise's Tipsy Tea aka Elk River Tea

One of my favorite drinks to imbibe in periodically is a Long Island Tea. Problem is, when you want to whip them up for a crowd, it gets quite expensive! One evening we were packing for the river. It was going to be a hot, humid weekend and I got the brilliant idea to create my own version of a "tipsy tea," which I have officially named Elk River Tea. 

I packed a gallon of Milo's tea, some lemons and planned on creating my own concoction with some smooooth Canadian Hunter Whiskey. Of course you can fix your own sweet tea at home and make it a really inexpensive party drink.

  • Southern Sweet Tea (Milo's or homemade only!)
  • 1 oz. Canadian Hunter Whiskey
  • Lemon Slices
  • Lots of ice
Fill your glass with lots of ice and sweet tea. Add 1 oz. or more of Canadian Hunter Whiskey. Squeeze some lemon juice in the glass, stir and top with another lemon slice.

If  you really want to treat your guests to a really cool treat....click here for my Tipsy Pops!!

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