Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Denise's Tipsy Pops

My co-worker Lisa, brought in a Southern Living magazine one day that included "Cocktail on a Stick" recipes. I don't know why she thought of me, but I agreed they would be a perfect test recipe in the Grisham kitchen. As hot as it's been all summer, anything icy and cold is a welcome treat! After looking over all the recipes listed, none of them excited me. I don't drink mint juleps and the other options would require me to buy a bunch of stuff for drinks I normally wouldn't even fix.

So...being the frugal chef I am, I stuck with what I know best. I made pops with Elk River Tea, Whipped Cream Vodka Creamsicle and Strawberry 'Nise.

  • Small plastic cups
  • Popsicle sticks (from craft department)
  • And one of the following adult beverages
  • 2 oz Whipped Cream Vodka
  • 4 oz Diet Orange Crush
Strawberry 'Nise
  • 2 ozs. Burnett's Coconut Vodka 
  • 6 oz. Orange Fused Strawberry Sunny-D  
Elk River Tea
    • Southern Sweet Tea (Milo's or homemade only!)
    • 1 oz. Canadian Hunter Whiskey
    • Lemon juice 

    Mix your favorite poison and pour into a plastic cup. Word to the wise: If your concoction includes a carbonated drink, give it plenty of room to grow or you will be wiping up a slushy mess!! Carefully cover the top with aluminum foil. Make a very small slit in the foil so you can work a popsicle stick in. Set on a tray and let freeze overnight.

    To remove from the cup, carefully roll the cup in your hands and eject the pop out. 

    *These treats are for adults only!! 


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