Saturday, September 15, 2012

Just wanted to share I've got a lot of new and exciting changes going on in my life! Tomorrow I leave on a trip to Canada to begin training with the company I accepted a position with. I will be working pretty close to home once the training is over.

The first thing Blair asked Andy when she found out I'd be gone for a week was, "will we starve while she's gone?". Absolutely not! But it is pretty funny! I told them they could eat all the fried salmon patties they could stand while I was away. 

During the Spring and Summer Andy has so much going on outside so I pretty much am the head cook. Once it gets cold, he likes to jump in and throw his concoctions together, so get ready for more good stuff to come your way!

I hope to get back on schedule soon. I've got so much to share, but not enough hours in the day to get it all done. This summer has been so hectic. We have had a "cabin" renovation project (which will be ongoing all Fall); I've been researching my Mother's side of the family; locating her birth certificate (and will be SURPRISING her with a certified copy of my Grandmother's naturalization papers tonight!); in addition to working full time and just living life in general.

Thanks so much for the support you all have shown, your positive feedback and comments. See you soon!

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