Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Happy Birthday!

Man, That Stuff Is Good
is Celebrating
Birthday Number Four!

January 6, 2012 seems like just the other day!
MTSIG was the outcome of my desire to put my collection of recipes in an electronic format. It ended up being a way for me to share my joy of cooking with a huge audience and to show beginner cooks how easy it is to fix good food. Some of the earliest posts are pretty basic but I continually go back and add step-by-step pictures as I can. 

Andy and I love to try new recipes, so you also get my results on what everyone is seeing on social media. We also went through some lifestyle changes this past year so I included a "healthier" section full of recipes that were very successful for us. Plus, we are just plain ol' country folks who like to have fun, so the Redneck Food 'n Fun gets its share of visits. The homemade blackberry wine and deer summer sausage are a huge hit. The recently added Sundrop Punch and Whipped Cream Vodka Creamsicle beverages are two of my absolute favorites and have been shared so many times you all must agree!

Thank you for following, sharing, commenting and recommending my food blog to others. It is very appreciated and I look for you to come back often!

Denise Grisham  

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