Sunday, March 20, 2016

Kale Salad

You never know where your next inspiration will come from. One evening I stopped by our local WM to pick up a few items. I was rolling through the produce section, heading for the deli to get my hands on some proscuitto when lo and behold I saw this incredible looking salad in the deli section. I immediately bought a small bowl to see if it tasted as pretty as it looked.

Orange Sherbet Mimosas

One of my favorite "girlfriend" or brunch drinks is a Mimosa. The things I don't like about them are: I never get enough opportunities to fix them and when I do I get heartburn from the orange juice.

Right before Thanksgiving, I was thinking about the different kinds of punch I could mix up when I came across a picture that caught my eye on the Sassy N Simple Facebook page. It was a picture of pretty wineglasses each filled with a big scoop of orange sherbet and sparkling champagne being poured on of the top of the orange ball of yummy.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Welcome Spring 2016!

I sat with a  follower of Man, That Stuff is Good!, Dianne K., at a Ladies Night Bingo event our husbands' employer hosts every year the other night. She let me know I needed to update the au gratin recipe on the front page. I can't say I disagree. LOL!

Sorry folks, winter time has turned into work time. If you've ever been to Tennessee, you know you will experience every season in the winter, sometimes all in one week. I caught this "Busy Bee" who was enjoying the beautiful "buttercups" blooming everywhere last weekend!

I've been a little behind, as usual, but I have not stopped trying new recipes. I've got a stockpile building and I will probably overwhelm you! Who am I kidding? The sun is shining....finally! 
We're headed to the river to work on dock repairs while the water is low, low, low! 
In a few weeks the opportunity will have passed until next fall. We've got to work while the getting is good.