Saturday, April 14, 2012

Seasoned Canned Green Beans

Well, we are down to one last pint jar of the green beans I canned last summer. Like we say around here, in a more polite way, "that's just enough to make you mad!" Last Wednesday, I had made up my mind to fix green beans with our open faced turkey sandwiches and was disappointed to find that one last jar.

I knew there would be plenty of store-bought canned green beans in my pantry and I could make do with them and a little extra seasoning. :-) 

In a medium pan, I poured two cans of short cut green beans and 1/2 can of water. I then added a blob of bacon grease. I'm estimating that the amount added is just shy of a 1/4 cup. Do not add additional salt or you won't be able to eat them!

I let these beans roll uncovered on medium high for a total one hour. Taste one after they've been cooking around 20-35 minutes to see if they need additional seasoning. Make sure you stir them several times! Keep an eye on them to make sure you don't let them cook down and get mushy. Well, unless you like mushy beans. These were the just right texture and seasoned perfectly!

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